From Napkin Sketch to 

Multi-Million Dollar Exit

How to Launch, Grow and Sell a Startup

Karl House

Founder of Rootstrap, an award-winning development studio that builds digital products for mega-brands, celebrities, and founders. Former CEO and Founder of AttackSheets (acquired) 

Ben Lee

Where to Start? (On a piece of paper)

Chief Revenue Officer of StackCommerce and Former CEO and Founder of FanBread (acquired)

When Karl and I first discussed the idea that would become FanBread, a company Karl built and later sold, he scribbled it down on a napkin no larger than 3x3 inches.

That tiny idea became a prototype, then an incorporated company, then a fundraising round, then a team of incredibly talented people, then a product that made headlines and promoted celebrities, then finally an exit worth millions.

How did Karl learn to do all of that? How did I learn to do it? Trial and error.

We didn’t wake up knowing how to fundraise, build an MVP, or hire the right people, we just guessed. And when our guesses were right, we won, but when they were wrong, we lost money, time, and so much more.

“When I hired our first and only senior backend developer, he seemed like a shy guy that I supposed would one day ‘warm up’ to the team.

That day never came.

Not only did he keep quiet, he came in late, never voiced his opinion, and regularly made up excuses for his poor performance.

Without a proper way to motivate him, I considered letting him go. That’s where I hit an even larger snag: being our only senior developer, he alone had the knowledge to access our infrastructure.

If I fired him, he may have retaliated by sabotaging our development process or worse, completely nuking the product.

I ended up sticking it out with him and scrambling to hire another dev, but learned that entrepreneurs cannot afford to consolidate knowledge in a single person.

And as cruel as it sounds, leaders must be able to lock down everything at a moment’s notice to prevent disgruntled employees from taking rash actions.

By doing so, we’re not just safeguarding our own contributions, but the contributions of every team member that worked their ass off to make the product come together."

From Karl himself, a single-point-of-failure story:

At FanBread, We Worked With:

Whitney Port

1.3 million


Vanessa Hudgens

27.8 million 


My Cupcake Addiction

1.2 million 


Ashley Benson

17.9 million followers

We Were Featured In:

Millions in Annual Revenue 

Thousands of Happy Clients

Multi-Million Dollar Acquisitions

Learn the Tactics We've Used to Generate:

You Can Do Better

And everything else it takes to launch and run a successful startup

In Lesson 4, Karl shares his knowledge to help you get a minimum viable product out the door (even if you’re non-technical)


We share the best pitch decks with you in Lesson 6, and the key sections that you need to include in yours


Lesson 11 shows you how to contact VCs and the tricks we (a couple of nobodys) used to get our foot in the door


Discover how to attract the key members of your company in Lesson 13 and learn how to incentivize early employees through equity grants


By learning from our mistakes, you can avoid our pitfalls and navigate the startup world with an actual map, and not the busted-ass compass we had. In this course, From Napkin Sketch to Multi-Million Dollar Exit, you will learn everything you need to take your idea and turn it into reality.

18 Actionable Lessons, 12 Powerful Videos:


Getting the Itch


Taking the Leap


Building a Prototype or MVP


Feature Creep - Keep it Simple


Creating a Fundraising Deck




Creating an Investment Vehicle


Picking a Law Firm


Creating your Advisory Board

LESSON #10: 


LESSON #11: 

Accelerators - My Experience

LESSON #12: 

Building a Team

LESSON #13: 

Naming the Company

LESSON #14: 

Showing Traction

LESSON #15: 

Pricing and Margins

LESSON #16: 

Raising your Next Round

LESSON #17: 

The Sale

LESSON #18: 

Negotiating a Term Sheet


The pitch deck Karl used to raise $2.4 million in venture capital


A $600 development credit from Rootstrap, my award-winning app development firm that Karl used to build his FanBread prototype


The operational plan Karl used to scale FanBread to millions in revenue

But You Need More Than Video


The First 100, a 100+ page guide on how to acquire your first 100 customers

“Sounds Like Bullsh*t…”

We don’t have microphones hidden in your room, but we can actually hear your eyes rolling. Don’t ask how, it’s wizard-stuff.

And we understand why: if we’re so good at building these companies and selling them for mega-profits, why make this course? Why help you eat our lunch?

There’s a big difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it. Every step in this course is easy to learn, difficult to master, and hard af to actually do.

We want to greet and help the people that put their money where their mouths are. Those people will build the companies of the future. They are the same people that might one day be our business partners. They are people like you.

We Want To Meet The Doers

  • Lifetime access to every lesson
  • Karl’s pitch deck
  • Karl’s operational plan
  • $600 development credit with RootStrap
  • The First 100 e-book
  • Exclusive access to our Slack community where Karl and I answer your questions and help you build your startup

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In this invite-only community, founders discuss insider marketing tips, hiring practices, and much more. Plus, this community grants you direct access to Karl and I when you need advice on your startup.

Organized by the same team that built apps for Snoop Dogg and Universal Music, Rootstrap Together provides access to startup advice from world-class founders.

"This course far exceeded my expectations and any material I've learned thus far in business school.

The insider tips and tangible materials that Karl provides are invaluable!

Plus, the ability to message Ben and Karl for help on slack is a lifesaver!"

Kyle Savage

Business Student at Babson College

Lindsey Brassington

ME2.0 Founder and Brand Manager at Unilever

From Napkin Sketch to Multi-Million Dollar Exit has been a great resource for me as the founder of an early stage start up.

Having direct access to Ben and Karl is a true differentiator of this course. Both Ben and Karl have been more than willing to answer questions and provide additional resources where needed.

Pete Ghiorse

Founder, GiveTide

My experience with Rootstrap has been transformative.

Every step of the way, from napkin sketch to our current platform, they have showered us with value.

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What’s the refund policy?

Despite the fast-pace of the startup world, the lessons you learn here will remain valuable for a long time. However, if and when the material does require a refresh, Karl and I will jump to make the necessary corrections.

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Do I really get lifetime access to the content?

Absolutely. This package is designed to limit the number of students who purchase it, allowing us to place our focus on those who do.

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What do the lessons look like?

A resounding, emphatic no. This course is for the technical and non-technical alike; each step assumes the student has no previous IT skills (and none are ever required).

Do I need to be a software developer to benefit from this course?

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Whether you’re just dipping your toes into product development or you’re already building out high-fidelity wireframes, you need to know the ropes of the startup world if you want to succeed. 

We produced this course to teach you the tactical information that puts you head and shoulders above the competition, and the only way for you to benefit is to take action.

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